Snore Guard – 5 Things You Need to Know About It

If you snore – or sleep next to someone who does – you know how frustrating it can be.  Snoring is a sleep disorder that affects nearly half of adults!  But even though it’s so common, you don’t have to live with snoring.  Snore Guard, an anti-snoring product, can help give you a quiet night’s sleep.

But since you have probably heard all about countless other snoring solutions, you are probably wondering what makes Snore Guard different?

If you are looking for a legitimate snoring solution, there are 5 things you need to know about Snore Guard:

1. It is easy to use

Snore Guard fits right over your upper teeth – similar to an athletic mouthpiece.  All you have to do before you go to bed is simply stick it in your mouth.  Unlike other anti-snoring devices, there are no straps, wires, or rubber bands to deal with.


Snore Guard2. It keeps your tongue where it is supposed to be

Snore Guard is especially effective for “tongue snorers”.  If you are a tongue snorer, your tongue slides back into your throat while you sleep.  As it slides back, it does two things:

–          It partially blocks your airway so that air has a harder time passing through

–          It rests up against the walls of your throat

If your airway is partially clogged, air has a much tougher time getting through.  When that happens, the air that does make it through does so loudly – in the form of a snoring sound.

And, if your tongue is resting up against the walls of your throat, when air passes by, it causes your tongue to vibrate up against your throat.  The result is that all-too-familiar snoring sound.

For most tongue snorers, the problem gets even worse if you sleep on your back.  When you do, gravity takes over – and makes it easier for your tongue to slide back, and slide back even further.

But with Snore Guard, the mouthpiece prevents your tongue from sliding back.  As long as your tongue can stay where it is supposed to, you will not start to snore.  In fact, if wearing a Snore Guard mouthpiece, you can even feel free to sleep quietly on your back!

3. It keeps your lower jaw where it is supposed to be

Most people think of snoring as a problem that’s caused somewhere in the nose, throat, or sinuses.  Very few people realize that your jaw can play a big role in whether or not you snore.

For some people, their jaws just aren’t quite right.  They may look perfectly normal, but they are not as strong as a healthy jaw.  If you have a weak jaw, Snore Guard can help.

When you wear a Snore Guard mouthpiece, it does two things for your jaw:

–          It prevents your lower jaw from sliding backwards and obstructing your airway

–          It prevents your jaw from pushing on your tongue, so that your tongue is not forced back into your throat

If your jaw isn’t functioning the way it should be, Snore Guard can help.  It holds your lower jaw firmly in place while you sleep. 

In fact, Snore Guard is a perfect solution for people who have mild to moderate jaw issues.  Doctors may be hesitant to perform surgery on someone, unless they have pretty severe jaw problems.  But with Snore Guard, you can help correct your jaw problems in a way that’s completely non-invasive.

4. It will require a trip to the dentist

If you live in the U.S., you will need a prescription for Snore Guard.  If you live outside of the U.S., you can buy a Snore Guard mouthpiece online.  However, you will still need to go see your dentist.

That’s because a Snore Guard mouthpiece needs to be professionally fitted to work.  Just like an athletic mouthpiece, a Snore Guard mouthpiece has soft, pliable material on top that is designed to fit over your specific teeth.  The only way to get that custom fit is to take your Snore Guard to a dentist, and have him put the mouthpiece in a special heat tool.  As the material heats up, your dentist can conform your Snore Guard specifically to your teeth.

5. It is a one-time expense

Unlike other anti-snoring products, Snore Guard requires no maintenance.  Once you get it professionally fitted, that’s it!  You do not need to have it re-adjusted.  And, it is durable enough to last, so you will not need to replace it.

And, there are no replacement parts to buy.  When you try nasal strips and sprays, you have to keep buying more of them.  When you try an anti-snore pillow, you will have to replace it once it starts to lose its shape.  But with Snore Guard, once you buy it, the spending stops there!

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